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Electrify all your winches instantly for a fraction of the cost of an electric winch !


with the electric winchhandle WinchRite® 

Now with the new WinchRite ABT-Advanced Brushless Technology

  • New super efficient brushless motor design
  • 21.6v dual stage lit-ion battery technology
  • New chimed soft start acceleration - 130rpm
  • Dual rotation for two speed winches
  • New design multi-format A/C charger
  • D/C trickle charger
  • Mountable holder now included
  • Redesigned tote storage bag
  • Includes two drive cogs

Weight 2,8 Kg
Comes with Bag, AC and DC Charger, AC travel adapter, 2 Winch Cogs and Manual.
Battery: 3.0AH 21,6 volt lithium ion. 12 volt charging system, heat protection and shut down protection for battery and charging, sealed battery in unit.

Charging time for AC is approximately 1 hour.  Cool down period is required after charging.
Operation:  Dual directions controlled by switch I/II, variable speed  RPM 0-130+, Torque:  110nm+/1030inlbs/100ftlbs, Works on all standard 8 point winches. 
If a winch is properly sized for a load then the WinchRite will perform as designed.
Warranty:  1 year full warranty


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